Warren Morey, "Wardogg", is a multi-genre music producer/DJ from Los Angeles, California. Wardogg began producing Hip Hop and R&B at the age of three and a half, influenced by his mother who sang in the church choir, father who had a band and is also a singer, and his grandfather who often played his Jazz records. In the later years, he began experimenting with electronic sounds outside of the genre he was used to making. In 2012, he attended the Mad Decent Block Party and realized Electronic Music would fit his personality more and began to blend genres. Later, he interned as a DJ/Music Producer at Underground Sun, a record label in Venice Beach California. His mentor, Justin Paul, showed him the basic functions of Pioneer CDJ turntables and then left the room. Wardogg currently has marked his territory by playing UK Bass, Deep House, Bass House, Electro House, Trap and Dubstep. Whether it is production or performance, Wardogg delivers a one of a kind performance and experience that can’t be duplicated.